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Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

by Splash Damage, 2003




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The graphics are dated, but they look good anyway and have an old-school charm to them. Anyone who grew up with the N64 or Playstation won't be bothered, but newer gamers might scoff a bit.


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All of the sounds of World War II and battle come to life in this game. The ratatatata of machine guns and BOOM explosions of tanks will get you on your toes. A wide variety of voice commands are available to select from. Music is basic military stuff; nothing special.


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If you've ever played Team Fortress 2 you know what to expect here. You pick two sides, Axis or Allies, then you have to defeat the other side with a wide variety of classes like engineers or covert ops. Each class has special functions like disguise or repair.

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When I first heard there was a free 3D multiplayer online first-person shooter out for grabs my opinion was "heh, probably just some crappy game." A week later my friend downloaded it and one day he was playing it when I came to visit. I was literally stunned. Those graphics, sounds, maps, playability, and that for only 300 MB!  As soon as I got home I downloaded it and started playing, and I still do. If you have ever played Counter Strike or Medal of Honor online and you thought that was fun, just wait until you have played this one. I always got bored very soon, because everything was always the same; Kill all others or plant a bomb. Nothing less, nothing more. Enemy Territory, on the other hand, has so much more.

When you first enter the game you choose a team, then a class. There are five classes available: Soldier, Medic, Engineer, Field Ops and Covert Ops.  The soldier's job in the game is basically to kill, and to do that he has five weapons to choose from, MP40/Thompson (SMG, depends on team, axis=MP40, allies=Thompson), panzerfaust, MG42, mortar and flamethrower. When playing as a soldier you normally do not use the MP40 because it is a submachine gun and all classes have access to SMG's. When you're a soldier you use a panzerfaust (aka. panzer and my favorite), the portable MG42 (a portable machinegun and to use it, you have to lie on the ground), the mortar (mortar, duh!) or the flamethrower (only to be used by very twisted and evil players). The Medic has only one weapon to use: the SMG, but instead he has the ability to heal himself and others and, later in the game, pump himself up with some adrenaline. The engineer is the foundation of all maps; you need one to win your map. He blows up, repairs and builds the things you need to complete your mission. Then there is the field ops. The madman's favorite. At first he seems powerless, only an SMG and some ammo packs, but after some time you see his ultimate weapons; the air strike and artillery support. His ability to spawn camp the other team with artillery supports and air strikes is priceless. The last class is the Covert Ops. This character has one great ability: to take costumes from a dead player from the other team. That way he can fool the enemy and enter usually locked areas.

All of the above would be enough to make an FPS a great FPS, but there is something more to this one. This thing is two words and the short for it is XP.  Yes, you read correctly, there are experience points in this FPS. It's a simple system which gives you XP for your accomplishments and after some amount of XP you get a level in that skill. After each level you get a reward, and maybe even a promotion. For example if you kill someone with an SMG you get 3 "Light Weapons" XP. However, if you kill someone with an SMG and headshot him to death you get 5 XP. After the first 20 XP you get a level, then it's 50 XP for the next level, 90 XP and finally 140. When you have 140 light weapons XP you get Akimbo Pistols, aka. Dual Wield Pistols.

At last, but certainly not at least, the levels and missions. I am going to tell you about one map called "Goldrush", which is one of my all-time favorites of the six official maps.  It starts out where the axis spawn in a courtyard and the allies 10 seconds away from there. The mission for the allies is to go repair a tank that is in the courtyard, then drive the tank (no, sadly you can't drive it, although it wont move without an allies team member close to it, but you can use the MG on it) through two tank barriers the enemy engineers have built. After the barriers the tank is in a courtyard and it will blow a hole through a double door leading to a bank where two gold boxes are kept.  The allies have to steal those boxes and place them on a truck.  The truck has to be repaired and then driven through two truck barriers and through a gate. All that has to be done in less than 30 minutes, and when competing against a skilled team it's harder than it sounds. Basically a great (in my opinion THE BEST) online multiplayer FPS, and it's free!

Review by: Kiddiarni