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Paper Bowser World

by Toodles Team, 2006




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This game is set in the Paper Mario universe, where places and people are made out of paper cutouts and everything looks like a stage set. It's a great looking style that the creator of this game has emulated perfectly.


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The sounds in this game are everything you expect from a Mario game. Coins ching, Bowser roars, and the music is absolutely fantastic.


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You play as Bowser or as his right hand sorceress Kammy Koopa. You regenerate with meat, and as Bowser you can stomp and breath fire. Power-ups can make you grow to enormous size and break everything in your path. this is a very destructive but satisfying platforming send-up

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     Unfortunately, most good Nintendo fan-games are few and far between in the freeware world. Once in a while someone will have enough patience and dedication to create something that provides a fun experience, under the direction of the familiar moustachio-ed plumber Mario. But seriously, even though I enjoy sending Mario flying into the air with only a jump, I do enjoy seeing spin-offs starring other characters once in a while. And that is the kind of game that  this one is. Created by Toodles Team, the best and most well known creator of Paper Mario fan game’s, this platforming experience is guaranteed to give you a fun time at your computer keyboard. Welcome to the world of Paper Bowser  World.

     In this platforming extravaganza, you can play as two characters, Bowser, and Kammy Koopa, his Magikoopa, or witch Koopa, assistant. I’m sure many of you know who Bowser is, but if not I’ll just give a short description here. For starters, he’s not short, he’s a giant fire breathing dragon turtle hybrid, and Mario’s long-time arch-enemy. In Bowser’s side of the story, Kammy Koopa informs him that Princess Peach will be taking a vacation with Mario and his brother, Luigi, and that Bowser will not be able to kidnap her for two whole weeks. Undaunted, Bowser sets out to kidnap the Princess before she leaves for her vacation. On Kammy’s side of the game, Kammy heads out into the sunshine for some free time while  Bowser is away to kidnap the princess. On the plains, she comes upon a black box which seems to know that she is some hero from ages past. But in an attempt to help free the creature inside the box, Kammy’s wand is stolen. Even though the story might sound same ol’ same ol’ for both characters, I can assure you that the storyline boasts many hilarious situations and plot twists.

     A big part of this game is it’s gameplay, which, even though it’s a Mario platformer, does hold some new elements. To kill an enemy, you can either jump on it’s head, breath fire on it, or shoot it with koopa magic, depending on your character. You have infinite lives, so don’t worry about dying too much, even though you will die a lot, in the castle areas especially. There is no save feature, so this is mainly a game to be played in one sitting. There are four worlds with four levels each, known as the Normal World, Water World, Snow World, and Peach’s Castle. I personally wish there was a Spooky World too, but that’s just my own opinion. Another big part of the gameplay is Super Bowser/Kammy. Some blocks contain hidden meat powerups, which grant Bowser power to grow twice his size. Unfortunately, this can only be done once, and if hit by an enemy, you will lose the powerup. There are many hazards in each level, from cannons called Bullet Bills, to floating fire balls common to a Mario castle. All in all there are 40 levels in this game.

     The graphics is the biggest thing that makes this game amazing, and none of it’s ripped. It’s all original made by the creator of the game. Everything is bright and cheery, but the biggest thing, for those of you know don’t know of Paper Mario, is that the characters are made of PAPER! That’s right, there’s a reason why it’s called PAPER Bowser World. The characters all talk in text, which is displayed in charming speech bubbles, also made of paper. The sound is especially perfect, with bleeps and blips for the different reactions and words.  The music is your normal Mario tunes, but with a bit of a remix in the tones to make everything sound more cheerful.

     I have to say I REALLY enjoyed playing this game, but it does have some unfortunate flaws. For one thing, even though the stories in both parts of the game are different, the levels are exactly the same. I don’t know if the author became weary of the game before it was finished, or if maybe he suffered from designer’s block. It’s really too bad, because for monotony, I have to subtract half a point from the game’s almost perfect score, and only give it a 4.5. Don’t let that stop you from playing though. If anything, the hilarious stories and the incredible fun the games offer are enough for you to play the same levels twice. So don’t hesitate, get this game today.

Review by: Secret Fawful